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.:: La vérité ferme sa gueule et reste dans le puits ::.

May 11, 2022

An allegory of the Truth, afraid to emerge from the well, behind two characters with baseball bats that seem to wait for someone. They're both wearing a hat, one that says GAFAM, and the other GOV

Aaannnd there you go ! That’s the last one of the set I’ve done, and one of the two that is not 100% respectful of the initial concept.
But that was fun to do. This last one has a title that is very similar to the original title, so that shouldn’t be difficult to find (if you know it).
Anyway, as fun as it was, I don’t know if there will be a part2 as it has taken me time and it doesn’t seem that many people were interested in playing so… we’ll see.
From now on, back to empty Wednesday from me 🙂

This is part of an illustration set whose I have talked about here.