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.:: Hypnotizing Lava ::.

November 17, 2021 by -Gynux-

A kid looking at a lava-lamp

I can waste a huge amount of time just looking at these !

This is part of an illustration set whose I have talked about here.


  1. Petit Lutin says:

    Oh, I love this quizz idea!
    I did not know the original painting name, but I knew there is a reference to it in The Little Mermaid (Disney).
    Great idea and great colors !

  2. Gynux says:

    I’ll have to re-watch The Little Mermaid, as I don’t remember it well enough for that !
    Happy that you find the quizz entertaining 🙂

  3. Gynux says:

    Sooo.. I checked, and it seems that it is it ! Fortunately, I found the info without having to re-watch the movie.
    So you have won this round 😉