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.:: Cheeeeese ! ::.

November 10, 2021 by -Gynux-

Two girls at a window, posing for a picture

So… starting from today, and once per week during…well, a few weeks, I’ll post Illustrations from a project that I had many years ago and that I have recycled into this “quiz” game.
Actually, I had put this away for many years because what I wanted to do at first ( a fun book with art history ) was too expensive, mainly thanks to the R.M.N. abusive rights…


But last year, while the general mood was not so good, I browsed my old files and I decided to make a quiz out of that project.
I had around 50 drafts and only one finished painting but they looked very old, so I’ve decided to redo what was still ok and dump the rest.


I’ve completed the first batch I was aiming to do since a few months now, but I wanted to wait until the end of the year to start posting.

So… my original project was to redo famous (or less famous) paintings that I liked, replacing the original characters with children, keeping the original colors/mood/composition as much as possible, while telling another story.
I’ve managed to do that on almost all of them, and I’ve slightly bent the rule on two of them 😉


What’s the quiz about ?
Try to guess what’s the original painting and/or who’s the painter !
If you have the answer and you’re playing on mastodon, hide it with a CW so other users can play.
If you’re answering with a comment on my website, enclose it with a “spoiler” shortcode for the same reason.


At the end of it, if it’s something that has been entertaining for some of you, maybe I’ll make a draw among the ones who have the most right guesses.
But please, be fair-play : don’t use a reverse image search engine. That’s not guessing/playing, that’s just clicking on a button…
Of course, I can answer questions about centuries, countries, etc 🙂


I’d say feel free to share the info on your favorite place on the net, but if it’s not on the fediverse, I’ll have a hard time answering questions, so…

Have fun, and I hope that you’ll like this work !

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