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Ergonomic update

August 19, 2011 by Gynux

Hello everyone !

I’ve made a small update to the gallery, allowing the filter to work more accurately without the need to push a reset button each time you want to modify your choices. Now it’s simpler : just one button.

In fact, it should have been this way since the start of the v2.0

I’ve also slightly touched up the layout for the thumbnails to display more of them on each row, and now you clearly see what was the last viewed illustration when you’re using the gallery. (try to view one to see what I mean).

And last but not least, I’ve added an option to include some of the illustrations I’ve placed in the news. That’s way more convenient to see them this way I think, but as I don’t like to do padding (aka displaying the same thing on different pages of a website), the option is disabled by default.

I hope you’ll find all of these changes usefull.



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