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You're a publisher ?




*I like the mood of your illustrations, but I don't find exactly what we're looking for in your portfolio. Would you agree to do a test with 1 or 2 illustrations, to check if your abilities really fits our needs ?


Of course, if it's a short test on 1 or 2 illustrations on a subject that I find inspiring, I'm willing to make a try. Feel free to contact me.



*There's one (or more) illustration(s) in your gallery that exactly suits our needs, and we would like to “ buy ”  it(them). Is it possible ?


That's a case by case choice. You should contact me to discuss on your needs.



*Do you accept to publish at the author's expense ?


It depends on the project and my rate of occupation, but it would probably be no.



*Can you create your illustration with elements on separate layers ?


The answer is : no. I'm not using layers that much, and I'm using more than one software in my work-flow, so I have to regularly flat the document to be able to export it between softwares. Making an illustration with elements on different layers is most of the time a nightmare as it's not the way I'm working. Would you ask an illustrator using traditional media to paint bits of their composition on different sheets of paper ? That the exact same thing ! Illustrators that have chosen to use a computer to do their work have done it because they've found something useful in that way of working in the first place, not because their client found it useful. After all, the computer has been paid by the illustrator, right ?

Other illustrators are working on separate layers ? Good for them ! We're all differents ! :)



*I love this illustration that you have posted in “ the news ” section, and I think that would perfectly fit what I want for my project.


Well… the thing is : the news are more like a playground for me to try things and stuffs than a portfolio intended for publishers. If you want to see what I can do for you, check the gallery section and tick the “ client ” checkbox before clicking “ OK ”.

Sometimes, works that I've put in the news ends up in the gallery, but that's not true for all of them, so it's “ safer ” to check the gallery.

If I must make an analogy, some illustrations in the news are like a beta/alpha stage of a painting/drawing process : not quite usable in production until further testing :)



About my illustrations ?




*Which softwares do you use to make your illustrations ?


I usually use Painter (corel) to create my digital paintings, but lately I've used Artrage (ambient design) a bit more often, as well as Paint Tool Sai which is very powerful although it's a very lightweight software.



*Do you make/sell original illustrations to individuals ?


Yes. Feel free to contact me if you have something specific on your mind, and I'll send you quotation.


© *Shall I use some of your artworks on my website ?


If it concerns only one or two illustrations, send me a message first and then I'll tell you if I agree or not. If your website is commercial, don't forget that my work isn't free of charge and it's strongly prohibited to use it on a website of this kind (or anything else that is publicly visible) without my express agreement.

However that may be, if I allow you to use some of my works, you will have to clearly quote my name and website alongside the illustrations.



* Statement regarding “NFT“:

I don't plan to use my work with any NFT selling website. If you have bought an NFT with my work on it, you have been scammed and should report the “seller“ to the website.
Consequently, if you think that buying those things would grant you any right to use my work, you are very wrong, you would just lose your money and possibly face a lawsuit (that would make you lose even more money).


About my website ?




*Which software did you used to build your website ?


I've used notepad++ most of the time, and pspad for some useful functions (FTP, hexcolor...)

Also, the "news" section of the website is based on the famous cms php-script "wordpress", and all RSS feeds of the site are generated by wordpress too.

And that's all ! All graphics, icon, etc. have been created with the software I've already quoted in a previous answer.



why_cookies_infaq * Why do I need to click on zoom + each time I change categorie ?


It's probably because you have disabled cookies on your web browser. Zoom preferences (as well as gallery's filter ones) are stored in a cookie on your computer, and if you have disabled them your browser will display the default settings each time you load a page of this website.



* Why do I need to set the filter each time I load the page ?


Same reason as above.



* How long did it takes to build this website ?


Honestly, I don't really know. It's been a long time since the first moment I've wanted to re-design it. Actually, it seems  that I almost wanted to re-do it from the beginning of the first version. I've written many ideas, tried many things, re-written some ideas, asked people around me to tell me what they would want or not, etc. I've blended all those things, and now that it's finally done I hope I won't want to re-design it for a long time ;)



* I'm using Internet Explorer (before v8), why does your website look so awful on it ?


La la laaaa... Good grief ! It's already time for lunch ! I'm sorry I don't have time to answer that question.


About my online presence ?




This website is the only official one.


The only social network I'm using right now is Mastodon.
I've partially used FB a few years ago, but I do not anymore. I have kept the account though, because I don't know if the name can be reused once an account has been deleted. Twitter account was merely to avoid someone else taking my name ;)

I don't have any account anywhere else, forums or whatever, so if you see my name elsewhere, it's not me !

( I've checked, and there are plenty of results that involve my name that are not related to me... I'm surprised as a few years ago I was the only result with that name ! )